Santa Cruz Boardwalk Casino at Night

By Jon Rawls
Originally Posted at Local Santa Cruz

Beautiful, 100+ year old shot of the Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk Casino, reflecting off the water at night. I can imagine a mother, stamping a sending this card off with her daughter. Concerned about the long distance trip and two trains it will take to get all the way to Salinas, eagerly awaiting the post card’s return to Santa Cruz announcing that everything was just fine.

Santa Cruz, Cal., Casino at Night

Santa Cruz, Cal., Casino at Night

Salinas. Cal.

Jun 29

Pacific Ave Postcard

Pacific Ave Postcard

Dear Mother: I had to change at Castroville after all. I arrived safe in Salinas. Ethel was there to meet me. With love, Mary

Mrs. R. Bonner
618 Pacific Ave.,
Santa Cruz,

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